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ECONAV SA has applied an Integrated Management System designed to manage safety & pollution prevention efficiently, while targeting to Economical and Ecological navigation of our fleet.
Environmental sensitivity and quality standards through ISO certifications and Crew enhanced education, enable us to maintain the high level of services catered to our clients.
To that direction the option of first class and reputable Insurers and P&I Club is for ECONAV one-way street . A safeguard in the ever-changing and turbulent economic and legislative environment of the shipping industry. Since foundation we relied on top marine insurers, being Lloyds Underwriters and Gard , seeking for robust protection against possible liabilities from third parties and other perils at sea. Gard being the leader in the P&I Clubs’ market is assuring quality and speed to our clients’ requirements and to our crew’s integrity.

In response to our constant concern for evaluating and improving our safety and quality levels the tool of TMSA was added to ECONAV’s arsenal.
This self-assessment tool is applied in order to assess our established quality system and determine performance against meticulously chosen KPIs. This feedback offers us the opportunity of programming future improvement plans in line with the tool. With this process we obtain a clear picture regarding our performance in crucial areas and we manage to locate possible improvements towards bridging future legislative requirements.
Vetting process with oil majors has a prerequisite of an advanced TMSA system screening for safety and quality to highly demanding terminals and tanker operations.

We consider human element as key factor for quality services and in this respect special care has been tendered to the selection of our manning agents with the prerequisite to be certified against MLC requirements.
Once the selection of competent seafarers has been ensured, our holistic approach to quality indicates enhanced and continuous training to evolve the existing capabilities as well as to keep always in pace with new developments of the maritime sector. Training exceeding the STCW requirements is provided, and a comprehensive Training Plan –constantly evaluated and updated to meet international standards-is implemented. Moreover, the crew department conducts regular visits onboard the vessels to foster seafarer’s trust to the company, to listen their concerns and do the utmost to keep people satisfied.

Having a deep knowledge of each vessel’s specific needs, the appropriate spares are timely supplied onboard in an economical way, nevertheless giving precedence to quality. Our electronic system for supplies ensures the quantitative control while open communication with sea personnel assists on quality control. Although we keep long-lasting cooperation with reputable suppliers we are always in research for alternative options and new partners, expanding access to the worldwide market of spares.

The adoption of ISO 9001 materializes our dedication to quality and responds to our concern for constant improved services to our clients. The specific beginning and the measurable end of ISO 9001, helps us to carry out efficient control in regard with goal attainment.

In line with industry’s tendency Econav operates under the standards of ISO 14001 contributing our efforts to the reduction of the environmental impacts of shipping. The systematic approach of this model is the extra safety net reassuring that the first prefix of our Company’s name reflects the essence of the services we provide

Extending further Econav ‘s commitment to green shipping practices we have adopted the standards of ISO 50001 in an attempt to improve energy use in more efficient ways all over Company’s activities.

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